Seattle Genealogical Society Library Special Collections
The SGS Library has set aside in Special Collections several areas of interest to the genealogical researcher. 
Seattle City Directories
City Directories contain a wealth of information about your Seattle ancestors, including family members who lived nearby, street names and house numbers, churches your ancestors may have attended, cemeteries, advertisements for your family's business, and historical information. Our collection has one hundred years of Polk Seattle City Directories from 1890 to 1990. These city directories include addresses and occupations of the residents.
Yearbooks in Washington State
Seattle Genealogical Society Library has an extensive collection of school yearbooks from Washington State. We currently have over 425 school yearbooks including junior and senior high schools, colleges and universities. Some of them go back to the first published yearbook for a new school, such as Roosevelt High School’s 1923 “The Strenuous Life.” 
The Mayflower and Colonial America Collection
Our collection of genealogical information about the beginning of our country is housed in the front of the Library and has many volumes of great interest. The Mayflower Special Collection includes books that cover the Mayflower Pilgrims, families and migration from 1620 to 1630. The Colonial Special Collection includes those books with information pertaining to the Colonial Period of 1630 to 1775.
The George F. Kent Collection of New Jersey
The George F. Kent Collection comprises 122 volumes. There is a card file with over 40,000 names with information about people, cemetery records, church records,  abstracts of deeds, marriage records, military records, and family information. This phonetically-arranged file is available electronically on our library computers.
The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey is the backbone of this collection, with a multi-volume index added by SGS. There are many fine volumes for New Jersey and New York, plus some works that have a general value. Of primary importance is the Index to Revolutionary War Pensions. 

George F. Kent, SGS benefactor, was an easterner with a great interest in New Jersey and the Manhattan-Brooklyn area of New York. Coming to Seattle late in life, he became interested in SGS and through Monte Spear, then President of the organization, made arrangements for his fine genealogical collection to be given to the Society's library. This collection of books, manuscript materials, and file cards makes up one of the largest single gifts SGS has ever received.