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Records: 1351 to 1400 of 12028
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  NY 30-1 da Baptismal Records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New Utrecht,Long Island,NY (see note) Griffin, Walter Kenneth
View Record  NY 20-3 Baptismal Records of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Athens, NY 1704-1899 Kelly, Arthur C. M.
View Record  SPL PA 51-18 Baptisms and Burials From the Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia, 1709-1760 Hildeburn, Charles R.
View Record  SPL NY 44-2 Baptisms at Tappan and Clarkstown
View Record  NJ 21-1 SPL Baptisms from the Church Records of the Lutheran Congregation of Hardwisk (Hardwig), New Jersey (Warren Co.) beginning 1773
View Record  NJ 2-1 da Baptisms in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey, Beginning 1666
View Record  GBUK ENGL 17-5a-b Baptisms of Illegitimate Children in Cornwall; 2 CD's : Various parishes 1603-1901; 1671-1847 PT Drake
View Record  NY 60-5 OV Baptisms of the Dutch Reformed Church of Cortland, Westchester Co. , NY 1741-1803
View Record  OR 26-10 Baptisms of Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon, 1873-1942 Stevens, Mrs. Leonard W.
View Record  PA 51-9 Baptisms, 1729-1800, Germantown, Pennsylvania, Reformed Church
View Record  CAND NS 8-6 Baptisms, Marriages, And Burials, 1749-1768 : St. Paul's Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia Holder, Jean M. Hubley, Grace L. ; St. Paul's Church (Halifax, N.S.) ; Royal Nova Scotia Historical
View Record  OL/SPL WA 0-136 Baptist History of the North Pacific Coast Baker, J. C. (John Clapp)
View Record  FAM BAR-3a,b Barber Barber Genealogy White, John Barber
View Record  WV 1-3 da Barbour County [WV] Deaths : a Collection Knapp, Fred//Taylor, Diana
View Record  WV 1-1 Barbour County, West Virginia : Book of Deaths #1 (1853-1919) and Will Books 1 & 1-1/2 (1839-1889) Coffman, Mary S.
View Record  WV 1-6a,b Barbour County, West Virginia Marriages 1843-1892, 1892-1935
View Record  WV 1-5a,b Barbour County, West Virginia, Cemetery Headstone Reading, Vols I and II
View Record  OR 0-73 SPL Barlow Road Meacham, Walter E.
View Record  FAM BAR-1 Barnhart Barnhart Family History, Augusta County, Virginia, 1767-1967 Barnhart, Nat G.
View Record  PA 00-94 MAP3 Barnsboro Quadrangle, Pennsylvania : Detailed contour data for Barnsboro Quadrangle area of Pennsylvania. (P/O Cambria, Clearfield & Indiana Co. , PA)
View Record  GBUK ENGL 2-27 da Bartholomew Gazetteer of Britain Mason, Oliver M.A.
View Record  FAM BAR-7 Bartlett Bartlett Genealogy : The Descendants of Richard Bartlett of Newbury in 1637, Capt. Robert Bartlett of Marblehead in 1669, John Bartlett of Marblehead in 1660 Perley, Sidney
View Record  SPL WA 0-60 Barton's Legislative Hand-book and Manual of the State of Washington Barton, C. M.
View Record  FS USAM 85-6 Basic Baptist Historical Materials on Film
View Record  FS FAM BAT-7 Batchelder SPL Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy Pierce, Frederick Clifton, 1855-1904
View Record  KY 6-1 Bath County, Kentucky Marriages 1811-1850 The Researchers
View Record  KY 6-2 Bath County, Kentucky, Wills, 1811-1824 The Researchers
View Record  CAND NB 5-1 Bathurst Ste-Famille 1798-1859; Repertoire des Baptemes et Sepultures Tome 1 (in French) : Parish of Holy Family (Sainte Famille), later Bathurst 1798-1859; Reports of Baptisms and Burials Volume 1 Buitard, Rosaline
View Record  WA 6-16 Battle Ground . . . In and Around Allworth, Louise McKay Walden, et. al.
View Record  NM 0-18 Bautismos en Español : la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, Sándia Pueblo, Nuevo México, 1771-1851 : "Ochienta años de bautísmos" Padilla y Baca, Luis Gilberto
View Record  FAM BAX-1 Baxter Baxter-Short, Miller-Gill and Related Families Harrell, Mary Cynthia (Baxter)
View Record  FS WV 0-11 SPL Beacon Lights of West Virginia History Conley, Philip
View Record  SPL YRBK Beacon Beacon, Bellevue High School Bellevue High School
View Record  DH FAM BEA-2 Beall Beall Family : Collection of Notes, Letters, etc. : Fielder Montgomery Magruder Beall Lineage Crawford, Hammond
View Record  FAM BEA-4 Beatty da Beatty Family : France to New York
View Record  DH FAM BEA-8 Beausoliel Beausoleil : Beausoleil, Sylvestre Fournene
View Record  SPL PA 4-3 Beaver County, Pa. Marriages, 1830-1873 From Beaver Co. Newspapers Welchley, Mark H.
View Record  PA 4-11 da Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Area Key Clint, Florence
View Record  PA 4-7 Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Biographical Sketches
View Record  PA 4-5a-d Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Cemetery Records Hays, David//Hays, Elsa//McLaughlin, Vivian
View Record  SPL PA 4-6 Beaver, Pennsylvania, 'Argus' Genealogical Gleanings, 1830-58 Welchley, Mark H.
View Record  CAND 1-5 da Because It Was There : Into Canada's North, 1944-1950 Hubbert, Mildred Young
View Record  NC 37-1 MAP3 Beckford Quadrangle, North Carolina : Detailed contour data for Beckford Quadrangle area of North Carolina. (P/O Gates Co. , NC)
View Record  CAND ON 23-12a-c Beckwith United Cemeteries : a : Volume I, St. Fillan's; b : Volume II, Maplewood; c : Volume III, Pinegrove Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
View Record  R 200-86 Becoming an Accredited Genealogist : Plus 100 Tips to Ensure Your Success! Clifford, Karen
View Record  PA 5-4 Bedford County, Pennsylvania Unrecorded Bible Records Spielman, Margaret Aaron
View Record  PA 5-2 da Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Area Key Clint, Florence
View Record  PA 5-3a-c Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1771-1900 (v. 1) Will Book I (1771-1819) plus Unrecorded Wills (v. 2); Will Books II (1819-1831) & III (1831-1849) (v. 3); : a : Index 1771-1900; b : Unrecorded and Volume I 1770-1819; c : Volumes II & III 1819-1849 Collins, Patricia Wainwright/Hoenstine Library
View Record  TN 2-2a Bedford County, Tennessee, Bible Records, v. 1 Marsh, Helen Crawford//Marsh, Timothy Richard
View Record  FS PA 5-5 SPL Bedford in Ye Olden Time Hickok, Charles N.
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Records: 1351 to 1400 of 12028